Welcome to the Gambia National Commission for UNESCO

The Gambia was inaugurated into the   membership of UNESCO on the 1st August, 1973. In 1983 the National Commission for UNESCO (NATCOM) was set up to act as an   intermediary link between the Government of The Gambia and UNESCO as well as to guarantee active participation in relevant cultural and education programmes. This was the result of a Cabinet decision taken the year before (11 March 1983) to establish the body in The Gambia.

The NATCOM Secretariat

The NATCOM secretariat also co-ordinates the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO) programmes in the country. Furthermore, it cooperates with the office in Dakar (BREDA). Members of the commission are chosen from different ministries, institutions and Non-governmental organisations working in UNESCO’s areas of activity. The Secretary General is secretary of the commission and head of the secretariat. Since 1973, UNESCO has had a keen commitment to supporting development initiatives in The Gambia with a particular emphasis on culture, education, communication, science as well as the culture of peace, women’s issues and HIV/AIDS among others…

The official link between UNESCO and The Gambia