EUCLID (Euclid University)


EUCLID, also called Euclid University, is an intergovernmental organisation constituted in 2008, by an international treaties now registered with the United Nations, under the references 49006 and 49007.

The Gambia became a member state in 2011, and in 2013, because of instability in Central Africa, it became the institution’s headquarters state. With the approval of His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, President of the Republic of The Gambia (as noted in the headquarters agreement signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs), this remarkable institution now has its offices in Brusubi Bijilo (Brusubi roundabout near AU highway), in the same modern building that is known for the LG showroom.

It is among the world’s few “international / intergovernmental” universities, and a full member in good standing of the key academic bodies, including the Academic Council on the United Nations Systems (ACUNS), UN Academic Impact, and the Association of African Universities (EUCLID’s headquarters being in Banjul, Gambia). More

The Gambia is, for very good reasons, a popular touristic destination. It is remarkably safe, even at night, which always impresses visitors from OECD countries. This small country which on a map appears to be within Senegal is known for its beautiful river and beaches, world class hotels (very affordable), and easy access from key hubs such as London, Barcelona and Brussels.


Below: the signature of the headquarters agreement at MoHERST (2013):


Among other services, EUCLID offers specialized distance-learning and online distance learning programs to government-sponsored as well as general public students. Its goal is to prepare “expert leaders for international civil service and global careers.” EUCLID’s academic motto is “Let us also hear the other side (Audi et alteram partem in Latin)” and its vision statement for students development and preparation, both government-sponsored and general public is: “Become Globalized.”

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Below: EUCLID offices in Brusubi:


Official documents:

– Euclid University Headquarters agreement: with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and withMinistry of Higher Education

Official circular issued by MoHERST in 2013

Letter of the Permanent Mission of The Gambia to the United Nations, to the United Nations Treaty Section

Letter of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Saint Vincent

See also: UNESCO Portal to recognized higher education institutions | Gambia | Updated 2014 (note: inclusion of EUCLID in the IAU WHED has been requested but can only done during the regional update cycle of 2016 according to IAU).

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