As part of UNESCO’s broad mandate to promote education for all, the Gambia National Commission for UNESCO recognises the important role of promoting access to quality education for all through partnerships with Education Ministries and other stakeholders in The Gambia. 


As such, the Gambia National Commission for UNESCO strongly believes that education transforms lives.  Therefore, as the liaison for UNESCO in the Gambia, the National Commission has at the heart of its mission to build peace, eradicate poverty and drive sustainable development through education. 


Part of our mandate is to support the government of The Gambia in the realisation of UNESCO’s lead role in all aspects of education, including the current Global Education Agenda 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goal 4. The National Commission also provides technical support and advice in the formulation of sound education policies as well as monitoring the progress of ministries of education in meeting the global education targets by 2030.