Inclusive Participation of Women and Youth in Local Governance in The Gambia

Under the 2018-2019 UNESCO Participation Programme, the Women’s Bureau received funding to support the implementation of a project titled: “Inclusive Participation of Women and Youth in Local Governance in the Gambia”. Overall 72 participants were drawn from the capacity building training, with participants from ward councillors including women, youth and officers from Municipalities/Councils. The project…

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Harmonization of the Cross-border Languages of Serer and Manjaku

Cognizant of the importance of mother-tongue languages in fostering understanding among people of the same language and the need for the conservation of all national languages, the education system administrators in the Gambia are driven to pursue the teaching of national languages in the school system. With strong political will national languages in the Gambia…

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Entrepreneurship Training in Support of Culture and Creative Industry Development in The Gambia: “Setting Up a Small Creative Business for Women and Youth”

In the face of the limited opportunities available for formal academic and vocational training in the arts in Gambia, this project sought primarily to address the acute shortage of entrepreneurial skills for practitioners in the various genres of the arts and creative practices, as well as the economic benefits potentially arising from such a development.…

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