UNESCO has a fundamental humanist mission in creating global understanding among today’s increasing diverse societies. As the mouth piece of UNESCO in The Gambia, the National Commission for UNESCO is equally committed to the drive to support people in understanding each other’s diverse societies with the aim of working together to build lasting peace in the Gambia. The NATCOM provides technical support and advice on policy formulation strategies to Government Ministries working within the fields of Social and Human Sciences (SHS).


Within the context of increasing global challenges and threats, such as inequality, exclusion, violence and sectarianism worsened by local tensions and conflicts, learning to live together and fostering rights, inclusion and non-discrimination at national and global level is one of the National Commission’s drive to contributing to sustainable peace. The National Commission for UNESCO is committed to working in partnership with government, and civil society in a bid to promote the appreciation of UNESCO’s technical expertise in the field of Social and Human Sciences. Within the framework of the UNESCO intergovernmental programme for Management of Social Transformations (MOST), and its Youth Programme and Culture of Peace and Non-Violence Programme which include initiatives for democracy and global citizenship, intercultural dialogue and peace building, The Gambia National Commission provides technical support to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Youth Networks in the management of the Gambia’s youthful population with the objective of harnessing the dividends of the country’s human capital and promoting lasting peace.